Using Photoshop

I must admit that I have been slack in keeping up with updating this, so I thought I’d just continue where I left off.   Photoshop is a great program, however it can be quite overwhelming.  Last time I was talking about learning the basics of Photoshop.  Learning the basics can be so vital no matter how boring it sounds.  Once you understand how different aspects of Photoshop work, using it everyday is as easy as turning on your computer.  After going through the simple quick book through Photoshop I moved to a book that opened up a whole new world, Photoshop Restoration and Retouching by Katrin Eismann.  Katrin explored all the tools necessary to complete simple retouching and restoring images.  Opening up more detail to the healing brush and the, then new, patch tool.  I learned about understanding skin, eyes, color, and more.  Again, I went through this book piece by piece, following along with ever step and then trying the steps on my own images. From here it was lots of play and practice.  I began restoring images on the side.  Learning more and more with every project.  The most important thing was not to worry about making a mistake or doing the wrong thing.  If I got stuck, I did researched.  I tried to find the answer myself, I really didn’t have a choice since at the time I had no friends that really knew Photoshop well.  Free tutorials online, the help file, all sorts of places all contain a wealth of information.  The key was to do it  myself as much as possible, spending long nights trying to figure out one thing.  Once I figured it out, I went over it again and again. I then began learning keyboard shortcuts and how to use actions to increase my speed.   I moved from playing with Photoshop to really using Photoshop. So play play play, practice, practice, practice… and learn.  Don’t just look it up and go with it.  Look it up and learn it!

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