Tracking Emails with Gmail and Yesware

Yesware Gmail Tracking If you are like many of the 425 million other Gmail users out there you love the ease of using Google’s famed email service as well as how easy it integrates with your mobile devices and other services around the web.  However if you are coming from a corporate background, you more than likely used Outlook with all it’s grand features once upon a time.  Thanks to a great developer base and an API from Google, some features have been added to resemble the best loved features from Outlook (check out Gmail Labs if you do not know what I’m talking about).  However one featured beloved by many is the ability to track emails to see if they are read by the recipient (remember those lovely read receipts in Outlook?)  It’s great for important emails, sales, job applications, and more. Even more so for photographers who may need to make sure a magazine got your proof, verifying retouching with a client, or to confirm that the client got the change in venue for their portrait session.  However with vanilla Gmail, you have no clue if the person on the other end read your email.  Thanks to Yesware, this has all changed! Yesware is an add-on for Gmail that allows users to track emails, add followup reminders, and even integrate with some CRMs.tracking gmail with yesware


Yesware has four main pricing plans that mostly revolve around how many team members are involved and reports, after all this is built for sales people.  However I am not a salesperson (well I guess every small business is to an extent), but I do n’t have a sales team or out there tracking down hundreds of leads.  I do not use Salesforce or other big CRM, I just use StudioCloud and Evernote to track my inquires and prospects or anything outside of Gmail.  Thankfully Yesware is amazing and offers a FREE plan! yesware pricing  
track gmail for free

Scroll to the bottom of the pricing page for the free version

The free plan does limit you to only 100 tracked emails per month and does not include the integration with Salesforce, however I have found that 100 emails is perfectly adequate for my needs.  If I ever need to track more than 100 emails then I can always upgrade to the “Plus” plan, which is a mere $5/mth for unlimited tracking.


Installation is fairly painless if you ever installed any extensions to Firefox or Chrome (which I’m sure most of you have even if you do not realize it).
  • Click on the Start button next to the free plan or go to .
  • Install Yesware to your browser
  • Sign in to Yesware and approve it as an app that can access your Gmail
  • Visit Gmail and you’re in

Using Yesware with Gmail

After successfully installing Yesware, you will be greeted with a few additions to your Gmail interface.
yesware install

First you will notice a link to your Yesware account and reports in the upper menu bar.  Along with a new bar at the top of your inbox mentioning Events and  Emails

tracking prospects in gmail

A prospects tab on the right side of your Gmail window

finally you will see some new options in the compose window.

finally you will see some new options in the compose window.

To begin tracking emails with Yesware and Gmail, open a new compose window, fill out the recipient, subject, and body as normal.  However, before sending the email, make sure to check the box next to “track” like in the image above.  You can also choose to add a reminder that will automatically remind you to follow up with an email later on. Now simply send the message as before. Now that you have send the message, you will see a new tracked email in the bar above your inbox. yesware-11With this bar you can choose to view “events” (every time your message is interacted with) or “emails” (a list of all tracked emails that you have sent).  I typically leave mine on the “emails” view.  This allows me to see each email I’ve sent and if the user as read it, clicked inside of it, and if they have replied to it. tracking read gmail emails   That’s all there is to it!  Now this is just the basics of  Yesware and not meant to be an extensive guide.  I have used this Gmail add-on for several months and love it.  However there are also more in-depth features you get with the free version such as tracking prospects and template emails.  I do not do a lot with the prospect tracking as I use StudioCloud for that, however I do use the template emails and will go over that in another post.
tracking leads in Gmail

Prospect window where you can track prospects as well as assign a dollar value to the lead.

Template emails with Gmail

Template window from the bottom of the compose message window.

  Enjoy! Additional Links What Browser and OS does Yesware need? What CRM does Yesware integrate with? How much does Yesware Cost? Why doesn’t Yesware work?

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5 Responses to “Tracking Emails with Gmail and Yesware”

  1. Scott Pielsticker November 8, 2013 at 12:42 pm #

    Great post. Email tracking is certainly starting to take off. Especially for sales people. ContactMonkey ( also offers email tracking services. It’s like a read receipt on steroids. ContactMonkey supports both Gmail & Outlook.

    Happy tracking!

    • chiseled_images November 8, 2013 at 1:39 pm #

      that’s Scott for the info. I like that contactmonkey gives you 200 free tracked emails. Do you guys have the ability to schedule emails? That is such a huge thing missing from gMail. I know YesWare has it on their roadmap, but for now I’ve been relaying on a google script that’s a little tricky to deal with.

      • Scott Pielsticker November 8, 2013 at 1:41 pm #

        Great to hear back from you. Scheduled emails are Coming Soon…

        Any other feature ideas?

        • chiseled_images November 8, 2013 at 1:45 pm #

          Cool. No, that’s all I need. Like I said in the article, just looking for straight and to the point. The salesforce integration, tracking monetary value, etc. is all fluff for my needs. I just want to track, schedule, and sometimes remind me to follow up.

          • Scott Pielsticker November 8, 2013 at 1:46 pm #

            Makes sense to me!