The Mix-In (3/12)

Offset Merchant Processing Cost – If you plan on implementing a surcharge on credit card processing, check this out first to make sure you know the rules.  “On January 27, 2013, Visa and MasterCard responded to a class settlement agreement from November of last year by modifying their rules, allowing merchants to charge an extra fee to customers who pay with their credit cards. It is left to the discretion of each merchant as to whether their business will implement it.” 


Wave Loves Photographers – is offering a great contest for photographers.  “ Take a gorgeous photo of your favourite storefront, and head over to 500px to post it in your free account. Make sure to tag your photo “WaveApps” so we can find you! Wave is providing the lucky winner with a $500 gift card to Canon, and featuring the photos on our Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. “


Jared Shoots RAW, do you? –  It’s as classic as Nikon v Canon, PC v MAC, Coke v Pepsi.  Jared from over at Fro Knows Photo shares why he used to shoot RAW, why he still shoots RAW, and why he will forever shoot RAW.  “Eventually I went from RAW+JPEG Fine to JPEG Basic to not even shooting the JPEG. It took time, but I realized that the decision I made back in 2003 to shoot RAW was the right one. I may not have fully known the power of the RAW file back then but I certainly do now.”


Free WordPress Gallery Plugins – Everybody loves WordPress for two reasons, it’s free and well it’s free.  Then there’s all the fun customizations and plugins you can get for it.  Amy from over at H&H Color Lab breaks down the best free WordPress Gallery Plugins. “When it comes to free WordPress gallery plugins, there’s NextGen Gallery, and then there’s everything else.”


Speedlights on a budget – Have you been wanting to try out lighting with speedlights but not sure you want to invest several hundred dollars to see if you like it?  Here’s a review on some off brand speedlights that have started quite a buzz.


Finally, random YouTube Video I found on John Nack’s blog today.  I’m a not huge motocross fan but the cinematography and some of the stunts are amazing.  If nothing else skip ahead to about 6:00.

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