The Best Way To Get Real World Advice About Running Your Studio

PTFPlain and simple there’s no better way to get advice for running your studio than from people who are actually out there running studios.  In fact that’s the only way even I stay up to date.  I know what it was like to work in the studio and work with clients.  I know what techniques worked and which ones did not.  However even though there are timeless techniques that will always be true when it comes to business and marketing, times are changing.  Products change, the desires of customers change (any one say digital images?).  New ideas and movements aren’t started by doing the same thing for 10years.  New ideas come from people in the trenches who are not only doing things right, but making mistakes as well. So where can you go to get advice from industry experts, studio owners who are doing things right, photographers who are experimenting, and more?  PhotoTalkForum of course! Started by the uber talented Lori Nordstrom in 2010, PhotoTalkForum has quickly grown to become one the best photography forums out there for people trying to start their studio or those who have been around since autofocus was the new kid on the block.  There is a time and a place for a business coach or working with a consultant, but when you just had a client walk in and ask for 20 8x10s for $5 a print, you need a place that you can go to see how others are gracefully handling the situation, and for me that is PhotoTalkForum. What makes PhotoTalkForum so great?
  • Information ranging from how to handle a client situation to how to create actions in Photoshop.  Get opinions on retouching, marketing ideas, and more.
  • Welcoming.  I’m a member of a lot of forums for a range of industries.  I’m also a lot of forums where you are expected to be at a certain experience level and only get help if you ask the right question.  Asking the right question is always important to get an answer, but you shouldn’t be penalized or yelled when you may not even be experienced enough to ask the right question. PTF is just as much about getting others as it as about sharing information.  No question is too stupid.
  • No flame wars.  If you don’t know what that is, consider yourself thankful.  The hottest topics can be brought up on PTF and never an ill word said.  PTF is my breath of fresh air forum.
  • The members.  No forum would be complete without it’s members.  Of course it is all lead by Lori, who’s time alone is more than worth what you pay, but also the thousands of other members who are all there to learn and share with each other.
Want to join us?  Join Here.  You can sign up for a year, month, or only a few days. Of course you could always just win a membership in our Get Equipped Giveaway!  Lori as graciously gave us a year long PhotoTalkFourm membership to give away!