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Creative Cloud

Creative Cloud for Everyone

Adobe has announced that the Photoshop Photography Program is now available to everyone, even if you have never owned a full version of Photoshop!  The program allows for anyone to purchase a Creative Cloud membership that includes Photoshop CC, Lightroom 5, 20GB online storage, Behance, and Traning for only $9.99/mth!  According to Adobe’s blog, “$9.99 is not an introductory […]

Gmail tracking

Tracking Emails with Gmail and Yesware

If you are like many of the 425 million other Gmail users out there you love the ease of using Google’s famed email service as well as how easy it integrates with your mobile devices and other services around the web.  However if you are coming from a corporate background, you more than likely used […]

Photography Studio Support

Chiseled Images …More Than Just Post-Production

Everyday I field phone calls from photographers and even current clients looking for a service to help them with some problem or with tasks that they just really don’t like doing. I always smile as 90% of the time I already offer that service and they just don’t know. Here’s the spiel. I can’t take the images for you, I can’t hold the reflector for you at a session, and I can’t sell your images one on one with your clients. However, almost anything else that involves your studio/business we can probably take care of. That’s right, if you need IT support, Photoshop training, retouching, digital oils, resources, workflow, web design, graphic design, album design, template design, color correction, bookkeeping, blog writing, Facebook support, newsletters created, just about anything that we don’t have to be physically in your studio to do, we can take care (and yes, being able to remote login allows me to do even more than you’re thinking right now). Sorry, but that also means we cannot talk with your clients… yeahh there’s a reason we are behind the scenes people :).

Online Tracking

As most of you have read I have finally finished revamping the online tracking system for the Chiseled Images Website .  Since the beginning of the year, tracking has been available to many of you who have requested a way to track your orders, plus it helped me to keep everything in line. For the […]

PreeVu- ProSelect Comparison

PreeVu is a new piece of software designed to be a complete workflow manager for portrait photographers. It is new an innovative. This is a simple side by side comparison to see how it stacks up against an established leader in Presentation software- ProSelect. I tried to be unbiased in the comparison, but I will admit that i’m tired of ProSelect and excited about all the possibilities with PreeVu.

The Photographer and the Lab

I hear so many people disappointed in their current workflow. Digital was supposed to make processing images faster and easier. But it seems that digital makes things harder. There are so many details that are now in the photographer’s control that used to be controlled by the lab. It use to be that we exposed a roll of film, packaged it up and sent to the lab. We then got a roll of negatives back with some pretty looking proofs or images on CD. No one was any the wiser that their images were too green or blue, or that it might have been a 1/2 stop under or over exposed. Our lab took care of that for us. They were consistent, they had standards, color and processing your images was their focus. Now, the role of the lab has been quite different. So many people think that they need to control their images. They think they are saving money by doing it all themselves. The role of the lab is now to just print what we send them. So now the photographer has to run a business, manage money, keep clients happy, take great images, make those images look even better, sell those images to the client, prepare those images for print, send the images for print (some even print themselves), frame the images, package the images, present the images to the client, follow up with the client, and do it all again tomorrow.