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Photography Design News

The Mix-In (8/13)

Never Worry About a HD Failure Again with Carbon Copy Cloner–  When it comes to a photography studio your most valuable asset is your data.  You can replace a camera, you can buy a new set of strobes, you can even build a new studio, but one thing you cannot replace is your images.  This […]

Photography Design News

The Mix-In (3/12)

Offset Merchant Processing Cost – If you plan on implementing a surcharge on credit card processing, check this out first to make sure you know the rules.  “On January 27, 2013, Visa and MasterCard responded to a class settlement agreement from November of last year by modifying their rules, allowing merchants to charge an extra […]

Photography Design News

The Mix-In (3/6)

Backing Up WordPress– Many of you probably are using WordPress as the backend for your website.  ProPhoto, Photocrati, and more are all amped up WordPress sites.  However, are you backing it up, and if so are you doing it properly?   6 Tips to Show You Care–  Every time I read articles like this I’m […]

WordPress Update

     On the subject of services a lot of people don’t know I offer is Web Design.  There are many great web host and templates out there for photographers that do a great job of offering photography specific services such as online proofing, slideshows, being image friendly, etc.  However, many of them lack with customizing […]