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The Mix-In (8/19)

Is the end of books soon? – Once again the question is raised, are we near the end of books? However this time, it’s address be Seth Godin. 3 Nightmare Lighting Environments and How to Photograph Them – Here’s a handy dandy guide to a few tough spots you might find yourself in. 5 Ways […]

A Basic Retouch

I really want to have a chance to show off more of the beautiful work that comes across my screen on a daily basis.  This image was sent in by Cynthia Pace of Cynthia Pace Photography for a basic retouch.

Some recent edits…

These edits were done for Dan Phillips over at Dan Phillips Photography.  Dan sent these over to me wanting to take these images and show the bridal shop some good looking samples.  With the final images Dan landed a display in not just the store, but all three dressing rooms! [nggallery id=3]

A Few Recent Edits

Here’s a few quick edits from the other night I thought I would share. Call or email me at andy@chiseledimages.com to see what we can do for you today. I offer quick edits to show your clients for sales appointments, etc and of course more detailed work for the the final image. A quick edit […]

Using Photoshop

I must admit that I have been slack in keeping up with updating this, so I thought I’d just continue where I left off.   Photoshop is a great program, however it can be quite overwhelming.  Last time I was talking about learning the basics of Photoshop.  Learning the basics can be so vital no matter […]