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Creative Cloud

Creative Cloud for Everyone

Adobe has announced that the Photoshop Photography Program is now available to everyone, even if you have never owned a full version of Photoshop!  The program allows for anyone to purchase a Creative Cloud membership that includes Photoshop CC, Lightroom 5, 20GB online storage, Behance, and Traning for only $9.99/mth!  According to Adobe’s blog, “$9.99 is not an introductory […]

Color Managment

I often get asked about color management. What is it? What is a profile, color space, icc? How does Photoshop use my monitor profile to correct my images? And how is a spider on my screen going to help? As always, I was on PhotoTalk Forum the other night and got asked more about color management. So I started to type out a non technical explanation. It turns out, I actually complied a decent explanation. So I thought I would share it here…

Setting up a Photoshop Machine.

Not sure how many people out their follow Photoshop Product Manager, John Nack, and his blog, but today he posted a great article on building a great Photoshop machine.  This is a question that I get asked often, so I thought I would share it over here. “How to set up a great Photoshop machine […]

Using Photoshop

I must admit that I have been slack in keeping up with updating this, so I thought I’d just continue where I left off.   Photoshop is a great program, however it can be quite overwhelming.  Last time I was talking about learning the basics of Photoshop.  Learning the basics can be so vital no matter […]

Learning Photoshop

If there’s one question that I get asked more than any other it’s “how did you learn Photoshop?”   So today I’m going to revel my big secret… I studied and played, a lot. I first learned about Photoshop in high school.  A friend of mine, handed me a zip disk and told me Photoshop was […]