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#10 printed envelopes

Adding to your Brand Equity

As small business owners there are many things that we use daily that we rarely give a second thought about. It may be the pens we use, paper clips, type of paper in the printer, type of sticky notes, etc. Then there are those things that we think about often (sometimes way too often), your […]

Bringing Value to your Brand

Cyndy Porter of Cyndy Porter Style and Photography has done an amazing job of adding value to her brand and her business by bringing together two things she loves: empowering women and photography. At the beginning of 2013 Cyndy did what few small business owners would never dream of doing, she rebranded her photography business. […]

Gmail tracking

Tracking Emails with Gmail and Yesware

If you are like many of the 425 million other Gmail users out there you love the ease of using Google’s famed email service as well as how easy it integrates with your mobile devices and other services around the web.  However if you are coming from a corporate background, you more than likely used […]

Photography Design News

The Mix-In (8/13)

Never Worry About a HD Failure Again with Carbon Copy Cloner–  When it comes to a photography studio your most valuable asset is your data.  You can replace a camera, you can buy a new set of strobes, you can even build a new studio, but one thing you cannot replace is your images.  This […]

Facebook Social Media

Facebook News Feed Changes

As we all know, Facebook loves to change things up.  The constant changes and on going interruptions to our normally scheduled Facebook routine is just the price we pay to play the game.  Like many other social media networks, free comes at a price and that price is that we’ve got to play by their […]

Photography Design News

The Mix-In (8/7)

The Mix-In is back!  Feel free to comment on what you want to see. A Journey Through Beautiful Typography In Web Design – Typography is probably the most crucial factor when it comes to web and print design.  No matter how great the photography on a site, if the typography is out of place or […]