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The Photographer and the Lab

I hear so many people disappointed in their current workflow. Digital was supposed to make processing images faster and easier. But it seems that digital makes things harder. There are so many details that are now in the photographer’s control that used to be controlled by the lab. It use to be that we exposed a roll of film, packaged it up and sent to the lab. We then got a roll of negatives back with some pretty looking proofs or images on CD. No one was any the wiser that their images were too green or blue, or that it might have been a 1/2 stop under or over exposed. Our lab took care of that for us. They were consistent, they had standards, color and processing your images was their focus. Now, the role of the lab has been quite different. So many people think that they need to control their images. They think they are saving money by doing it all themselves. The role of the lab is now to just print what we send them. So now the photographer has to run a business, manage money, keep clients happy, take great images, make those images look even better, sell those images to the client, prepare those images for print, send the images for print (some even print themselves), frame the images, package the images, present the images to the client, follow up with the client, and do it all again tomorrow.