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Photography Studio Support

Chiseled Images …More Than Just Post-Production

Everyday I field phone calls from photographers and even current clients looking for a service to help them with some problem or with tasks that they just really don’t like doing. I always smile as 90% of the time I already offer that service and they just don’t know. Here’s the spiel. I can’t take the images for you, I can’t hold the reflector for you at a session, and I can’t sell your images one on one with your clients. However, almost anything else that involves your studio/business we can probably take care of. That’s right, if you need IT support, Photoshop training, retouching, digital oils, resources, workflow, web design, graphic design, album design, template design, color correction, bookkeeping, blog writing, Facebook support, newsletters created, just about anything that we don’t have to be physically in your studio to do, we can take care (and yes, being able to remote login allows me to do even more than you’re thinking right now). Sorry, but that also means we cannot talk with your clients… yeahh there’s a reason we are behind the scenes people :).

WordPress Update

     On the subject of services a lot of people don’t know I offer is Web Design.  There are many great web host and templates out there for photographers that do a great job of offering photography specific services such as online proofing, slideshows, being image friendly, etc.  However, many of them lack with customizing […]

Setting up a Photoshop Machine.

Not sure how many people out their follow Photoshop Product Manager, John Nack, and his blog, but today he posted a great article on building a great Photoshop machine.  This is a question that I get asked often, so I thought I would share it over here. “How to set up a great Photoshop machine […]