PreeVu- ProSelect Comparison

PreeVu is a new piece of software designed to be a complete workflow manager for portrait photographers.  It is new an innovative.  This is a simple side by side comparison to see how it stacks up against an established leader in Presentation software- ProSelect. I tried to be unbiased in the comparison, but I will admit that i’m tired of ProSelect and excited about all the possibilities with PreeVu. Like I’ve said before, Brad is really getting into the trenches to find what photographers really need. He’s also doing a great job of prioritizing and making sure on project is done and ready to go before starting a new one. Even today, Jeff one of the trainers spent 2 hours with me and Cindy on the phone going over the software and then Jeff even spent 1.5 hrs with me later going over some nitty gritty we were trying to figure out. All this after Brad made the trip to visit our studio last week to give us a brief overview of the software. Really great people to work with. For more info on ProSelect visit their website: For more info on PreeVu, visit their (underconstruction) website at PreeVu-ProSelect

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