Retouching is the art of making your images look their best. This process starts by matching your style; we want your images to shine, not the retouching. As you can tell from the range of samples below, you may want supermodel smooth skin or just a few blemishes removed. No matter what your needs we can follow your exact instructions or make recommendations based on your images. Your images should match your style!

We offer retouching in two basic levels starting at $10/img:

  • Basic: (blemish removal, basic skin smoothing, stray hair clean up, distraction(s) removal, eye and teeth whitening)
  • Extensive (basic plus body part and background swaps, detailed eye enhancement, major skin smoothing, complete stray hair removal, body sculpting, and other detailed enhancements)

Though we do not consider it true retouching we also offer a Quick Fix Retouch to fix one thing like removing a distraction, fixing a blemish, or doing one thing quickly without worrying about the rest of the image.

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