Platform:Get Noticed In A Noisy World Part 4 (2 of 2)

twitterSocial Media seems to be a subject that many small business owners, including photographers, seek to avoid. They want to lean back on ‘tried and true’ methods. However as we have learned over the first section in Part Four, those tried and true methods are becoming not only aged but also a waste of money.  To have a voice in today’s world you need to take some of the theories from those old methods and apply them to new technology.  It’s a lot of the same ideas, just in a new form. So now the question is what “new technology” do you use?  Well to get started we’ll focus on Twitter and Facebook.  We could go one for 1000 blog posts about all the things you can do with Twitter and Facebook, but why bother when Michael Hyatt has done it for us.  As we take a look at these three mediums we can remember that the idea is the same as any other marketing plan: engage the medium, engage your customer, and be consistent.
“The key is to be intentional and not allow it to become a huge time suck” – Hyatt, p168
  • Engage the Medium – Whether it’s Facebook or Twitter embrace the medium and learn to appreciate it.  Learn about it.  If you were given the chance to put an ad in a major magazine that has a million subscribers, you wouldn’t doubt the validity of the magazine.  Instead you would research and find the best type of ad and placement for that magazine.  Learn the good about Twitter and Facebook.  Learn why there are millions that use the networks daily.   Going at these mediums with even a small bit of knowledge will already put you above much of the competition.
  • Engage Your Customer – “You should consider every Twitter update as a branding impression” (Hyatt p 162).  First, do not post when you are angry!  Do not post when you have a bone to pick!  Post about what your client will be interested in and what they will understand.  Remember that if your client is investing in you they will probably be interested in a lot of what you would be.  So post about topics that inspire you, that make you think, or that leads you to a dialogue.  The idea is to engage and have a conversation with your customer, not just spout out your frustrations.
  • Be Consistent- Your Facebook audience and your Twitter audience may differ slightly.  You might find that wording updates one way on Facebook gets no response, while the same update on Twitter receives 100 retweets.  However you need to make sure that you are consistent with your branding and vision no matter what medium your posting to.  Decide on how you or you’r business will be recognized via logos and name.  Create bios on each profile that explain a consistent vision and branding statement.
Like it or not, social media is where it’s at.  Even if you say “well my clients aren’t on Facebook,” I bet that over half of the people that influence your clients are on a social network in some way or another. For Chiseled Images here is what I took away from this:
  • Engage Your Customer- I know that there is not much conversation with Facebook or Twitter post I make.  I need to work to find what gets my followers to speak up.  What interests them, what can they not resist.
  • Devote More Time – I need to devote more time at one time so I’m not devoting tons of small amounts of time.  I need a plan of tweets and updates around topics I want to talk about.  Then just take 30min a day to spend focusing on social media efforts.
Takeaways from Part 4
  • Get started now!
  • Start simple, follow Hyatt’s easy steps in these chapters
  • Have a plan
  • Don’t get sucked in!
Resources Hootsuite Homework
  • Finish the Book!
  • Think about what you what your Brand to look like online!
  • Take your first step!