Platform: Get Noticed In a Noisy World – Part 4 (1 of 2)

HomeBase I knew it would happen and it did. I got behind on posting about the reading.  I thought about giving up and not bothering to finish hoping no one will notice.  However that is just a horrible thought process, especially when I’m supposed to write about expanding my reach and writing blog posts.  So picking myself back up, I continue to commit to finish. Marketing has changed significantly in the past 10years.  I heard a podcast just the other day talking about people who owned marketing and printing companies used to be the ones driving the BMWs and living the high-life.  They loved for you to come in a spend piles of money shouting at people.  They could try and target where you sent your postcards or choose the right magazines to advertise in, but there was no true B2C direct marketing.  If you put an ad in a magazine and your potential client thought it was the best ad ever, how would you know?  What if it was offensive to them? Would they come by your shop, just to say that they did not like your ad? “Tribe-building is the new marketing” (Hyatt, p127).  Now not only can you interact with your clients (your “Tribe”) it is almost expected that you will.  Your clients expect to see you at least on a website if not also on Facebook and Twitter.  If you are not there, interacting, educating, and enlightening your client base then you are likely to get overlooked.  I have clients that are great businesses yet do little online marketing.  Even knowing that a great business doesn’t have to have a presence on the web, I’m still less likely to trust any company that I cannot find reviews for online especially if they don’t even have a website or active Facebook page.

“Marketing is no longer about shouting in a crowded marketplace” – Hyatt, p127

In Part 4 of Platform Hyatt describes many ways that you can begin to leverage your platform and begin to expand your reach.  Here are just a few from the first half :

  • Understand What’s Not Important – traffic to your platform is more important than razzle dazzle
  • Generate More Blog Traffic – Write more blog post. Promote older post. Remember though that “nothing will compensate for weak content” (Hyatt, p.135)
  • Build Your Subscriber List- stay in front of your clients.  Once you get their attention, make sure you find ways to keep
  • Give Stuff Away- My photographer and creative clients will have to be careful how they do this, but there is a way to give stuff away without ruining your brand name.
  • Stop Loosing Readers- I love this because it’s so simple yet important.  Remember this applies to your platform not just your blog or website.  Keep people coming back to your website, Facebook, or wherever your online presence is at.
Don’t just yell at your clients, engage them. For Chiseled Images here is what this looks like:
  • What’s Important – For my platform, it’s important for my clients to be able to see my services, understand what I offer, and easily place and track orders.  Second is for them to be educated by information I push out.  Finally is to see examples of all the cool stuff I do.  It’s tempting to want to make a site that does all kinds of nifty cool 2014 web stuff, but by doing that, I wouldn’t be putting my clients first.  I need to serve my clients and want them to keep coming back.
  • Generate More Traffic- This is a tough one for me.  Like most, I want quick results and traffic building is not quick and not easy.  I’ve tried to blog more and engage more.  Recently I also did a large giveaway to help build my subscriber list and hopefully get more potential clients engaged.
  • Stop Loosing Readers – This starts by doing the opposite of what I’ve done with this series. When I commit to a series of posts, I need to finish it!  I can’t just rev up social media and then die away because I get tired, and then do it again a month later.  My clients will get tired of that.  Either do it, or don’t.

Takeaways from Part 4

  • Rethink your marketing strategy, are you just yelling or are you engaging
  • Increase blogging with content worth sharing, while adhering a consistent schedule.
  • Capture the attention of your potential clients with great content… and keep their attention!


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  • Read Chapters 42-51 (second half of Part 4) for Monday the 30th
  • What can you do more of to expand your reach?
  • START WRITING CONTENT! If you had a blog and stopped, start again.  No apologies to your readers, just start and don’t quit!

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