Online Tracking

Order tracking As most of you have read I have finally finished revamping the online tracking system for the Chiseled Images Website .  Since the beginning of the year, tracking has been available to many of you who have requested a way to track your orders, plus it helped me to keep everything in line. For the techies out there, it was actually based off a big shared GoogleDocs spreadsheet.  Google Docs is super powerful, but I’ll save that for another time.  One issue was that it required double entry on my part.  You guys would submit your orders and then I would take that order information that was sent to me and have to manually enter it into the spreadsheet.  This sounds easy enough, however as some of you know it was often the case that I had the order completed and back to you before it even appeared on the tracking system.  However with the new system, all orders will go through automatically!! YAAYYYY!  I’m not a huge lab, but having a system like this is great on so many levels.  Especially with the Fall season coming up, using this system will be vital.  I really encourage you who simply email me orders to begin submitting orders through the website so we can work out any kinks and make sure we are all on the same page before the rush hits.  I wanted to take a few minutes to go through the different parts of the system and how to use it to your advantage.

Submitting An Order

The first part of tracking your order online is to submit your order online using the Submit Order Page.  The first step when entering your order is to choose whether or not you have an account number.  Most of you probably do, whether you know it or not.  You can quickly find out your information by going to the forgot account info page here, or you can just email me for the info.  Using your account number will keep you from having to fill out your name and contact info every time you submit an order as well as automatically put all your info into your order when it gets submitted.  This can be a big time saver for those of you who like to submit 10 orders at once (you know who you are, my Friday afternoon crew 😉  ).   If you have not worked with me in the past, our discover that you do not have an account using the forgot account info page, then please click here to sign up for a new account. A big thing to note about submitting your orders online is that does not mean that you have to submit your files through the online order form.  If you only have one or two images to submit, then I encourage you to use that to speed up the submission process for yourself.  However feel free to fill out the form and then send a quick email with the images attached.  Or you can still send your images through Dropbox, which I find to be the best way for my regular clients.  It;s super easy for you guys to drop the files in the box, and send me an order.  Typically by the time I see the order, the images are magically already downloaded to my computer.  Then when complete the order, I simply replace the images with the corrected ones, and like magic they are downloaded to your computer.  Then there’s the FTP or sending me flash drives/disks.  Whatever your flavor for sending me images, I can work with it.  They key I’m getting at is that you still need to submit the actual order through the website to make sure you get in the queue. After you submit your order you should receive an auto confirmation email immediately as well as be able to immediately track your order on the Your Orders Page.  Please email me ASAP if you do not receive an email!  You will also see an Due Date automatically created based on the product you select.  Most of the time this Due Date should be spot on, but please note I made change that date if things are overloaded around here.  That change will always be made within 24 hours of your submission if not sooner.  I know deadlines are important and I want to make sure you are getting you orders back when you expect to.    

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