Focus@will – Music to Make You More Productive

Being ProductiveThis time of year, being productive is key! I sit at my desk almost all day while working on retouching and websites (except when my son is begging me to come play trains with him and I relent).   However my brain is always turning and I’m constantly trying to find ways to distract myself. I’ve already mentioned on another thread which can help me block websites for a certain amount of time, but a new site I’ve found is Focus@will (

I usually listen to Pandora or podcasts while I work. Podcasts are dangerous, because even though I’m ingesting hours of great content, they also keep my wheels turning about the new website company, lens, or book that they might be talking about. Pandora is a far better choice when I want to focus. What makes focus@will different is there’s actually science behind the music to stimulate your brain in ways that make you more productive. I’ve been listening to it on and off the last few days and am loving it. They tell you it’s best to only listen to it when you really need to be productive and not all the time.   I assume it’s something like where your brain will just get used to it and it won’t be effective if you listen to it all the time.

They have a variety of music you can listen to. Most of the time I listen to the “cinematic” but I also enjoy the uptempo when I really need to push through a few weddings in a row. Just thought I would pass it on as a way to help you stay focused, especially as we all are chickens with out heads cut off right now.

Focus@Will – Cinematic

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