Order Tutorial

Custom RetouchingThe new ordering system is somewhat different from the previous version, so I wanted to take a few minutes to walk through the new ordering process especially for those of you who are so used to the old system. store-menu-image First you will notice that in the upper navigation menu there is now a special menu dedicated to your account as well as making and tracking orders.  For those of you who worked with the previous ordering system simply use your email as your login and the current password you were using for the old system.  Your account number is no longer needed.  If you do not have an account and would like to go ahead and set one up, simply click on the my account link and complete the information on the right hand side. The Services Page Outsource Ordering   The services page (immediately accessed by clicking on the New Order link in the top right) is the central station for creating a new order or project.  Here you can find a quick overview off the services we offer, just as if you were shopping on any e-commerce website.  Simply click on your desired product and complete your order.  You can also add multiple orders to one order by adding a product to your cart and then returning to this screen to ad more products.  We still recommend that for clarity sake you do not mix to many separate projects (i.e., ordering retouching for one client and then color correction for a wedding in the same order). Outsource Retouching   Once you choose your desired product you are taken to the product page.  The example above is the new ordering page for custom retouching.  In the past you just had the option to choose retouching and then make notes if some needed extensive retouching or just basic, etc.  With the new form simply choose how many of each retouching products you need, complete the rest of the form and add the products to the order.  Many of you submit your orders through Dropbox, however if you wish to upload your images via the website, you will have that option after your complete the checkout process. In addition to being access the products through the Services page, you can also quickly access products by selecting the respective products in each of the categories sub menu in the top navigation. Custom Retouching Ordering   After you have made your selections, you will click the Add To Order button, bringing you to the order review screen (basically what’s in your chopping cart).  Here you can modify your order, update your quantities, enter coupons, and view your estimated total (<– that’s right, added bonus is that now you can have an estimate of your total order cost). checkout-page   After reviewing your order you are ready to “proceed to checkout”.  If you are logged in to your account your information should automatically be filled out, if you are not logged in you can choose to log in here.  If you do not have an account, simply complete the information on the form and choose to create a new account.  At the bottom of the page you will see your order again, as well as the Cash on Delivery payment option.  Currently you still do not pay when you order as the total can change (for example, I don’t want you to pay for an extensive retouch when the image really only needed a basic job and most jobs are custom and by quote).  Click on Place Order to complete the process. Custom Retouching Image Upload   After you  Place your order, you will be taken to the Thank You page which will display your order details as well as give you the option to upload any necessary files if you are not submitting your images via Dropbox, FTP, or other means.  That’s it! Now you can go enjoy a coffee, spend time with the family, or go make some more money while we do the work for you.   Recent Production Orders Finally you can view all your recent orders by click on the View Orders link in the top navigation.  Here you can see orders you’ve submitted as well as the status and due date (doesn’t that look so much better than before 🙂 ).