Custom Canvas Printing with Parfait Printing

Custom Canvas PrintingIf you are not familiar with Parfait Printing, you should be. Over the years I have worked with large and small professional labs, small single-person print shops, and many other printers. Out of all of them Parfait Printing ranks as one of the best.   A lot of the success of Parfait Printing is due to the company’s owner, Scott Simon.  Beyond just being a great guy to know and work with, Scott cares about the photographer and their business.  In line with our own mindset, Scott does whatever he can to make sure the photographers he works with succeeds.  Having just met Scott at Imaging USA in January, I have already introduced him to several photographers who I thought could use his personal touch.  The amazing thing is that I have yet to hear a negative word back.  Each photographers has come back to thank me and tell me how great it’s been to work with Scott and Parfait Printing. Enough of the fluff, here is exactly what makes Parfait Printing great:
    • True personal service. Scott supervises every print that rolls off of Parfait’s printers.
    • Custom Services. I recently had a client who needed an arched print (See below). I still don’t know how you stretch canvas over an arched stretcher frame, but Scott figured it out and made it happen.
    • Consistent Printing. Parfait printing isn’t afraid to make test strips, send you samples, help you set up color calibration, or do whatever else it takes to make sure you are going to have consistent great prints every time you submit an order.
    • Integrated with PreeVu. I’m a big fan of PreeVu as your studio’s presentation sales and presentation software. A great part of PreeVu is it’s desire to integrate with many labs for a smooth ordering process. Parfait Printing has stepped up to become a part of PreeVu, allowing you to easily send your order straight to the printer from your sales software.
Check out Scott and Parfait Printing on their website and on Facebook.  Also because Scott is so cool, he’s even giving away a 20″ Custom Circle Canvas in our  Get Equipped Giveaway!
Deckle Prints

Custom Deckle Edged piece

Circle Wrap Collage

Circle Wrap Collage

Custom Arch Canvas

Custom Arch Canvas for Cynthia Pace Photography

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