Creative Cloud for Photographers

Creative CloudI must admit that I have stayed away from the whole Creative Cloud issue. For me, I’ve loved it from the beginning. I pay for the full cloud and love having access to all the apps all the time, plus being able to install and uninstall as needed. Of course, I’m full stack here at Chiseled Images. One minute I’m working on post-production and portrait retouching and the next I’m designing a complete website from scratch. So I definitely see the value in the whole suite. However it’s been tough for me to tell my clients what to do. I don’t like watching photographers spend money on all the newest props and toys, while their business is falling apart so I tend to lead to whatever saves money and only provides what the photographer really needs. However Adobe has seemed to put most photographers in a precarious position where it may save them money or it may not. There are even an amazing number of graphs, formulas, and algorithms created to try and figure out if CC is right for you. Then there is the complaining and moaning. Yes there is some great discussion out there, but man I couldn’t read any more comments from people just outright complaining. Come on, you are not really going to replace Photoshop with GIMP. I just have a hard time reading that stuff, especially when it’s done in a crude or spiteful way. Thanks to some of the more humane and reasonable conversation out there Adobe said they would be listening to proper feedback and possibly make some changes. Well Adobe did not fail to impress.
Photoshop Photography Program
  • Photoshop CC
  • Lightroom 5
  • 20 GB of online storage
  • Behance ProSite
  • Access to Creative Cloud Learn’s training resources
  • Ongoing upgrades and updates
Today Adobe announced the Photoshop Photography Program!  The program allows for a user who owns Photoshop CS3 or higher to purchase a Creative Cloud membership that includes Photoshop CC, Lightroom 5, 20GB online storage, Behance, and Traning for only $9.99/mth!  According to Adobe’s blog, “$9.99 is not an introductory price.  It is the price for those of you who sign up by December 31, 2013″.  That’s right folks, if you sing up by the end of the year your cost will always be $9.99/mth for Photoshop and Lightroom!  If you use Photoshop on a daily basis, I would say this is almost a no braniner.  I still have reservations for those you only tinker who are not using the current tools close to the full potential.   If you mainly only use Lightroom, you can typically pick up the newest Lightroom for $79-$99 and it will last you a year or two. So I wouldn’t say that it’s a no brainer decision, but it’s pretty close.  Plus don’t forget to add on 20gb of storage (when Adobe gets the local sync worked out, 20gb is a lot more than the 2gb you get with a free Dropbox account). Oh yeah, Behance is in there too.  If you like to upgrade Photoshop or if you use it a good amount, then jump on board.  If you just poke around in Photoshop and mainly use Lightroom then I know plenty of very active photographers that are still using Photoshop 7.

2 Responses to “Creative Cloud for Photographers”

  1. steve walser September 5, 2013 at 10:05 am #

    What kind of deal is there for those of us who never had Photoshop before? I’ve managed with just Lightroom and elements. But making the move into CS still seems confusing and pricey to me.

    • chiseled_images September 5, 2013 at 10:20 am #

      (I assume you mean moving into CC is still confusing for you.. I know, it gets confusing). If you have never owned a Creative Suite (CS) product before, there are currently no deals. To just get Photoshop CC it would be $19.99/mth or to get the whole Creative Cloud $49.99/mth. Photoshop has always been pricey. If you were to purchase CS6 (not the Photoshop CC) you would currently be looking at $699 since you would not be upgrading from a previous CS product. That’s almost 3yrs of $19.99/mth. When you look at it like that, the cloud pricing doesn’t seem that bad.
      Of course if you know anyone who is a teacher or student there are academic discounts as well.
      Just as a reference for you CS = Creative Suite, which are the boxed versions being phased out. CC = Creative Cloud, which is the new version that stays updated and syncs in the cloud.