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This Script Made Cry- Lightroom Mass Delete previous step

While color correcting a client’s wedding today in Lightroom, I accidentally chose to ‘read metadata’ instead of ‘save metadata’.  Typically a nice little undo would save the day.  However I have known issue that I refuse to take time to fix where sometime my ctrl+z does some crazy thing like run a preset, not always […]

Creative Cloud

Creative Cloud for Everyone

Adobe has announced that the Photoshop Photography Program is now available to everyone, even if you have never owned a full version of Photoshop!  The program allows for anyone to purchase a Creative Cloud membership that includes Photoshop CC, Lightroom 5, 20GB online storage, Behance, and Traning for only $9.99/mth!  According to Adobe’s blog, “$9.99 is not an introductory […]

photoshop support

Photoshop Beep

I love the new the Generator feature for Photoshop CC.  However it seems to be causing some strange errors for me and a few others.  One issue that seems to be related to the generator feature is an annoying beeping sound produced by opening certain files.  For me it was only one file, but of […]

Color Managment

I often get asked about color management. What is it? What is a profile, color space, icc? How does Photoshop use my monitor profile to correct my images? And how is a spider on my screen going to help? As always, I was on PhotoTalk Forum the other night and got asked more about color management. So I started to type out a non technical explanation. It turns out, I actually complied a decent explanation. So I thought I would share it here…

Using Photoshop

I must admit that I have been slack in keeping up with updating this, so I thought I’d just continue where I left off.   Photoshop is a great program, however it can be quite overwhelming.  Last time I was talking about learning the basics of Photoshop.  Learning the basics can be so vital no matter […]

Learning Photoshop

If there’s one question that I get asked more than any other it’s “how did you learn Photoshop?”   So today I’m going to revel my big secret… I studied and played, a lot. I first learned about Photoshop in high school.  A friend of mine, handed me a zip disk and told me Photoshop was […]