Bringing Value to your Brand

Style and Photography Cyndy Porter of Cyndy Porter Style and Photography has done an amazing job of adding value to her brand and her business by bringing together two things she loves: empowering women and photography. At the beginning of 2013 Cyndy did what few small business owners would never dream of doing, she rebranded her photography business.  She knew what she loved, and she knew what she wanted to do, and she went for it.  What was Cyndy Porter Creative Photography became Cyndy Porter Style and Photography.  She launched a new website with Livebooks (though we are working now to move it away from Livebooks), had a new logo designed, new business cards, the works.  So how does this bring value to her brand and how can it help you?Photography Branding First, you do not have to rebrand to bring value to your brand.  However Cyndy chose to because she wanted to offer more than just photography related services and wanted to be recognized for those services just as much if not more than for her photography.  Cyndy has a passion for empowering women, and that goes beyond just a “girl power” mentality.  Cyndy loves to women of all ages feel good about themselves, have confidence, and encourage others.  She does this through her workshops and and style consultations.  She then uses her photography to allow these women to show off their new found confidence and style.  This makes for great packages that her clients love.  It’s a great marriage of services and I have loved being a part of it (even if I am a guy 🙂  ).
  So let’s take this home.  How can you learn from what Cyndy did?  First, think about what you love and how you can use it to add value to your brand.
  • Taking Photos –> you could teach beginner (or advanced) photography workshops
  • Editing Images –> offer Photoshop or image editing workshops
  • Cars –> Offer special packages to husbands that include pictures with their cars or family sessions around the car
  • Charity –> Offer quarterly or monthly photo sessions to raise money or use your business to promote local charity events
  • Event Planning –> Offer event planning services along with your Wedding or Event photography
  • Framing –> offer framing services beyond just for your prints
The list can go on and on.  The point is, don’t limit yourself to just taking pictures and printing them out for your clients.  If you want your business to grow, be more to your clients.  Offer them an experience and level of service that they do not find anywhere else. **Word of warning to my creative readers:  Be careful not to spread yourself to thin.  As creatives we often have many many ideas floating through our minds.  If you are by yourself, pick one or two services to be great at and offer those.   Build those up, and then think about branching out if you feel you need to.

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