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Custom Canvas Printing with Parfait Printing

If you are not familiar with Parfait Printing, you should be. Over the years I have worked with large and small professional labs, small single-person print shops, and many other printers. Out of all of them Parfait Printing ranks as one of the best.   A lot of the success of Parfait Printing is due […]

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Get Equipped Giveaway

Post by Chiseled Images. Just in time for the busiest time of year, we got together with some great vendors to give away over $800 in prizes! The best part is that you choose what you win! THREE winners will get to choose what they win from SIX awesome prizes (see below). Winners We will […]

Creative Cloud

Creative Cloud for Photographers

I must admit that I have stayed away from the whole Creative Cloud issue. For me, I’ve loved it from the beginning. I pay for the full cloud and love having access to all the apps all the time, plus being able to install and uninstall as needed. Of course, I’m full stack here at […]

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Platform: Get Noticed In a Noisy World – Part 3

The truth is, is that business cards are almost dead.  I said it (like it hasn’t been said before).  How many of you reading this called your vendor yesterday by opening up your binder of business cards or flipping through the Rolodex?  Chances are that many of you may not even know what a Rolodex […]

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Platform: Get Noticed In a Noisy World – Part 2

Ready to Launch? Last week we talked about creating a new product, what the product looks like, some ideas about the product, and how to present the product with WOW. As we continue with part two we talk about wanting a product and so we talk about finding our goals and were in then making them […]

Photography Design News

The Mix-In (8/19)

Is the end of books soon? – Once again the question is raised, are we near the end of books? However this time, it’s address be Seth Godin. 3 Nightmare Lighting Environments and How to Photograph Them – Here’s a handy dandy guide to a few tough spots you might find yourself in. 5 Ways […]

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Platform: Get Noticed In a Noisy World – Part 1

It’s a noisy world out there full of actors trying to have their voice heard. Though a good product is foundational Hyatt states those haunting words that “a good product does not stand on its own anymore.” I feel this personally as I struggle to get my voice out there about retouching or how to […]

Photography Design News

The Mix-In (8/13)

Never Worry About a HD Failure Again with Carbon Copy Cloner–  When it comes to a photography studio your most valuable asset is your data.  You can replace a camera, you can buy a new set of strobes, you can even build a new studio, but one thing you cannot replace is your images.  This […]

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Let’s Read Together

“A good product does not stand on its own anymore” (Hyatt,xviii).  That quote shocked me when I first read Michael Hyatt’s book Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World.  I have always been taught that if you create a great product, people will come.  To an extent, that is still true and the opposite of […]