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As small business owners there are many things that we use daily that we rarely give a second thought about. It may be the pens we use, paper clips, type of paper in the printer, type of sticky notes, etc. Then there are those things that we think about often (sometimes way too often), your logo, your marketing pieces, or is your office clean for a client to visit. Typically the main difference between what we care about and what we don’t care about is what our client will see and interact with versus what is “back-office”. How far do you take that though? Would you be willing to let your client use a pen that you found in the seat cushion of your car to fill out a form? What about if they need to box something up like a frame for you photographers, do you just go in to the back and find some old boxes and cut them up? The truth is that the answer to both of those questions is probably yes. Unfortunately we rarely take the time to perfect the little things, and as we all know — the little things make all the difference. That is why I recently jumped at the opportunity to review  some custom printed envelopes from the guys over at Precision Envelope. #10 printed envelopes

Honestly envelopes are probably the plainest and most uninteresting marketing piece we send out from our business. I finally caught on to that and printed some custom return labels and custom shipping labels for packages I send out to at least spice it up a little. What an opportunity I have been missing out on though. If I want people to think of Chiseled Images, then I need to place that name and brand in front of them as much as possible. Custom envelopes are a great way to help your mail stand out in a client’s stack of junk mail. I only wish that when I ordered my samples for review I would have checked out these creative ideas for custom envelopes. Obviously the ones in my images were done for a client who was looking for a simple approach to have a marketing piece that added to his brand and would keep his brand in his client’s mind, however I think I have some big plans when I order some for myself. Creative Envelopes

So now that you understand what you are missing out on, let’s get to the review…

Product: #10 printed envelopes The overall feel of these envelopes is pretty good. I typically use #10 security envelopes from a big box store and these did feel a little less weighty. However these are not security envelopes and the ones I normal use are the peel and stick so I would expect them to feel a little stronger.  All in all though, these envelopes from Precision Envelope are great and I would be happy to use them.
The size of these are envelopes are right at the standard #10 size of 4 1/8” x 9 1/2” with the inside sides of the envelope being flush. For those who have ordered custom envelopes before, you will know that sometimes #10 is not exact. On more than one occasion I’ve gotten inexpensive envelopes that the sides were sealed together taking off up to 1/8” and sometimes causing a typical tri-fold not to fit. Thankfully these were right where they should be.

custom envelopes

Printing. I couldn’t be happier with the printing. Again, I wish I had the creative genius with envelopes that I would have ordered some incredible design, but I just was not overly enthused about envelopes until I go these in. Now I really see the potential. Working in photography and the arts all day typically makes me overly attentive to details when it comes to color and printing. For these I was pleasantly surprised at the crispness of the type and the logo image. Far cleaner than I could do on my printer here where the ink typically would bleed a little causing an ever so slight blur to the edges. These however look great and I would have no problem ordering envelopes that were covered in color and graphics.

I’m not an expert in envelopes by any means, however the only mark that I put against Precision Envelope is that their pricing seems a little higher (especially on the full color printing) than some other places I Googled (which of course are now flooding my Facebook feeds and every site I visit with AdSense..ugghhh). However that can be deceiving as there have been many times I have ordered from an online print shop and it’s not till the final step that you see all the add-on fees for color and random services, whereas Precision Envelope is very up front and professional in displaying their products on their site and letting you know exactly what you are getting. Plus, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. #10 printed envelopes

Overall these look great and I would not hesitate recommending Precision Envelope to anyone. The company was great to work with the product exceeded what I thought I would receive. I look forward to working with them in the future and hearing about others who order from them as well.

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