How to Send Images

After you have submitted your order, you can use any or all of the following options to safely send your images.
  • FTP uploading – If you are familiar with FTP, we can assign you an FTP account you can then use to submit your images.
  • After Checkout – To send us your test images or any order under 1gb feel free to use the image submission form after you’ve submitted your new order.
  • Dropbox – For 2gb or less of images I have had great success with This is a great free tool that allows the ease of dragging and dropping images to folders on your computer while using the power of FTP to send images directly between you and me. If you really like how Dropbox works, you can purchase more space for a monthly fee.
  • For large amounts of data, it is best to either send your images to me on either DVD or other removable media that I can then return to you or to sign up for a Dropbox Pro account which will give you 100gb of space for only $9.99/mth
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