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About Chiseled Images, LLC

About Chiseled ImagesRunning a photography studio can be quite overwhelming.  First it’s great, then as you gain more clients you face new challenges.  More clients want more of your time, but often you find yourself so overwhelmed by office work and post-production that you do not get to spend enough time doing the part of your business that you love.  Employees can be expensive, not to mention more time in training and oversight just to watch them walk out the door after a couple months. No matter if you just need some help with one job, or you find yourself always in need of help, Chiseled Images on your side.

Chiseled Images offers a package of services that probably have not been seen anywhere else A full back office solution focused on photographers and their needs. When you deal with Chiseled Images you are dealing with a few hand selected specialists. This is important because we want you to understand what it means to deal with Chiseled Images. Chiseled Images is about you and your business, plain and simple. You come here because you want a partner in your business. You want to find a way to outsource while not loosing any of what makes your studio, your studio. Many times I talk to photographers who are hesitant to outsource because they are worried about loosing their style in the images, or worse yet some who do outsource and have admitted to just settling to a different style because close was close enough.

To highlight how Chiseled Images can best serve you and your studio, we focus on four key areas:

Post-Prodcution, retouching

Post-Production to Match Your Style!

Color and Tonal Correction, Retouching, Digital Paintings, and more. The core of a healthy workflow starts with Post-Production. Want to have more time or to make more money? Then simply capture your images, send them to Chiseled Images for color correction, show them to your client, let Chiseled Images do the final retouching, present to the client, and get paid. It is really that easy! Then rinse, lather, and repeat.

Graphic Design
cards, brochures, albums, design

Custom Design

Whether you need design for a product such as an album or senior cards, or in need of marketing materials for your business, the design you use and how you convey your ideas is everything. Our graphic designer, who has over 10 years in the graphic design industry, is eager to work with photographers and creative professionals. If you need a new logo, marketing materials, or looking to completely re-brand your business, we have you covered.
Web Design and Social Media
Wordpress Responsive web design

Optimized and Responsive Web Design and Social Media

The World Wide Web can be a challenging place for a small business owner trying to gain a foothold. Chiseled Images can establish your presence with fresh responsive websites, branded social media, SEO, and more. We work with any website company or platform out there such as WordPress, Pro Photo, Livebooks, Photobiz, and more to customize your current site or build a fresh site from scratch. We can then tie it all together with a Social Media strategy to project your voice in this noisy world.
Studio Support
Support Consultations

Consulting, Education, and Virtual Assistant

Studio Support may not be a sexy name for this area of Chiseled Images, but we feel this is one of the most valuable services we offer. Consulting on your current operations, troubleshooting technical and nontechnical issues, and more— we are here to help you succeed. We cannot do it for you, but we will do our best to make sure you are completely equipped to succeed in our growing and competitive industry. Through consultations in-person, over the phone, or even on Skype, if you are frustrated with your business or cannot stand looking at numbers, we can help. Give us a call or email today and see what we can do together.

If you have any idea or have a specific need, feel free to contact us anytime. It’s all about your needs! -Andrew McCormick andy@chiseledimages.com 803.250.5312

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